OVERLAST is a supporter of young, Belgian, musical talent. Starting out in 2017 as a show-case festival, it has grown into a full-blown platform for starting artists. Concretely, we…


At OVERLAST, we believe that young artists can use all the support they can get. We started in 2017 because we felt the need to create meaningful live experiences for starting musicians. Good sound, a decent stage and an engaged audience; a recipe for growth. In giving young people a stage, a number of other questions arose: how can I get paid, how can I book other shows, I need help creating visuals, I make music in my bedroom but don’t know how to play it live,... This moved us to create Atelier OVERLAST, a place where we can offer even more support.


OVERLAST is a two man operation, consisting of founder Mathilde Luijten and Florian Meersman. You can contact us at overlastofficial@gmail.com or slide in our dm’s on our Instagram or Facebook! Don’t be shy, join the family!